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Story: Streamlining Business Processes

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Ms. Anjana Tamrakar is the Executive Director of Creative Women’s Craft (CWC) and a consultant and freelance trainer in the fields of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, and Microcredit and Enterprise Development.

Familiar with the plight of low-income women in Nepal, Ms. Tamrakar decided to set up a business to assist them. As she had expertise in Nepali paper manufacturing, she founded CWC in 1997. CWC produces, with low-income women’s help, a wide range of paper products for sale in Nepal and abroad. CWC exports its products to a number of countries, including the USA, Canada, and Austria.
BizMantra, the SME Toolkit in Nepal, holds promotional workshops at regular intervals to familiarize Nepalese SMEs with the Nepalese version of the Toolkit and to help them improve their business processes. Ms. Tamrakar participated in a BizMantra promotional workshop organized in association with the Federation of Nepal Cottage and Small Industries (FNCSI).

After participating in the workshop, Ms. Tamrakar began frequenting the BizMantra Web site. She found the Business Planning, Accounting & Finance, and Marketing & Sales categories particularly useful for both her business and her training programs. 

Ms. Anjana Tamrakar

Since Bizmantra’s bookkeeping techniques and templates were so easy for her to use, she replaced her traditional bookkeeping method with the format available in the BizMantra Toolkit. And encouraged by BizMantra’s business planning tools and tips, she decided to develop a business plan, which she has been using effectively for her own business purposes. Emphasizing the importance of the Toolkit, Ms. Tamrakar says Bizmantra’s training in the field of marketing has helped her generate new ways of marketing her products. “BizMantra has fed me with the management perspective of streamlining my business to achieve greater goals and targets,” she explains.
Ms. Tamrakar lives by the principal of “Four Cs.” She encourages Nepalese women to live by these principles and to start their own businesses:
• Change: Adapt to change.
• Creativity: Be creative, especially in business.
• Continuity: Don’t give up!
• Challenge: Face the challenges in every walk of life.
Ms. Tamrakar believes that the materials in BizMantra fully reinforce the “Four Cs.” And  BizMantra Toolkit materials have become a valuable addition to her training package.
Ms. Tamrakar explains, "BizMantra is a guide that leads to streamlining management practices…(producing) effective and efficient results.”


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