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Are you, as a SME, performing the following operations in your business?

Cotents from Dialog Axiata Sri Lanka

It is absolutely essential to perform the following operations in your business for the success of your enterprise.

1) Determining Monthly Sales Targets for your business.

2) Applying suitable Sales Strategies to achieve the sales targets.

3) Maintaining Daily Sales Records methodically.

4) Identifying Fast Moving Products / Services, based on your sales records.

5) Taking positive steps to increase sales of identified fast moving products/ services.

6) Maintaining records of all business- related expenditure methodically.

7) Maintaining and updating Stock Records daily.

8) Maintaining records pertaining to Non-Current Assets of the business and considering the depreciations methodically.

9) Management stocks pertaining to fast moving products/ services precisely.

10) Calculating the Net Assets of the business, based on the assets and the liabilities, every year.

11) Using the Cash Flow Forecasting for the necessary financial management of the business.

12) Recording the Daily Cash Flow.



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