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Social Entrepreneurship & Interpersonal Relations

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Entrepreneurship is the foundation if you want to succeed in any business. If you expect to start your own business, you should do so following the entrepreneurial path. If you are already in the business, you can develop it in a sustainable manner if you align with entrepreneurial approaches. For this purpose, you should inculcate entrepreneurial characteristics and acquire entrepreneurial skills. You can then go up the ladder in the business world as an entrepreneur, instead of becoming a traditional businessman.


What is Social Entrepreneurship?

The form of entrepreneurship that helps you when you conduct your business facilitating the social development / community development is social entrepreneurship. If you are a full scale social entrepreneur and your business is a full scale social enterprise, you re-invest the total profit in social development and the sustainability of the social enterprise. However, although it is not possible to maintain a full scale social entrepreneurship in the normal business operations, the nature itself of some businesses contribute to social improvement or community development. If the owners of such businesses possess social entrepreneurial qualities and skills, they can positively succeed in their business path, contributing to the social / community development sufficiently.

Let us discuss about “effective and positive interpersonal relationship building” which is an extremely important skill a social entrepreneur should have.


Establishing and Maintaining Effective Interpersonal Relations:

Establishing and maintaining Effective Interpersonal Relations is a compulsory skill for a social entrepreneur, although it is a very useful skill for any entrepreneur involved in any business. As a social entrepreneur, you are always compelled to deal with people. In such situations, if you do not behave in a way that generates an effective and positive relationship, it can adversely affect the business and lessen the contribution you provide to social/ community development. The net result would be the deterioration of the business. Similarly, you should have precise skills to establish and maintain pleasant and positive relationships with others. You can develop these skills if you take note to ensure the facts given below when you deal with people.     


Ensure the following facts while performing your activities to establish / maintain effective interpersonal relations:

  • Allow the other person to feel that you accept him as an important person.
  • Deal with him in an open mind.
  • Listen to him attentively.
  • Understand his needs/ issues well and provide solutions.
  • Use a language style acceptable to him.
  • Maintain the enriched quality of the start, middle and end sections of the dialogue
  • Avoid unwanted jokes.
  • Exhibit your honesty and politeness always.
  • Understand the value of his time well.
  • Do not talk too much or too little; do not talk irrelevant things.
  • Allow him to understand that this relationship generates benefits for him.
  • Build the relationship in such a way that it inspires him to talk to you again.   

As a social entrepreneur, you should establish and maintain positive relationships not only with your customers, but also with potential customers, suppliers, employees, government employees who can influence your business operation, bankers, and the community.


Benefits you and your business will accrue in managing positive interpersonal relations 

  • Growing customer base
  • Retaining existing customers
  • Lessening the external threats to business operation
  • Smoothening the business operation
  • Inflow of ideas and suggestions to improve your business
  • Establishing the goodwill of the business

While establishing and maintaining effective and positive interpersonal relations is a vital activity for any entrepreneur, a social entrepreneur should inculcate this skill more and more.


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Prasanna Rajapaksha  |  May 29, 2012
This article is useful to improve Entrepreneurship knowledge and we expect more and more articles which are elaborating Entrepreneurial knowledge.. Thank You...