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The success story of MR Communication Centre

Cotents from Dialog Axiata Sri Lanka

In May 2010, inspired by our dreams we started a small business venture with the name MR Communication, after the initials of myself and my wife in the junction of Radawana. Our objective was to cater to the needs of the school children situated close by. Our humble start was very paltry with the limited savings we had to invest. Space available was insufficient to start a computer classes as it was in very high demand and we had to expand the space available. In addition we had a sales capacity of Dialog reload to the value of Rs. 6000 for a month. Our daily turnover was about Rs. 3000/-

Even though I was an amateur to the business arena, I was offered an opportunity to participate in the training program ‘VyaparaDiriya’ by Dialog. I was amazed of the selection merely because there were highly qualified and established businessmen in the vicinity and I am just a small sprat in the field. So I participated in the workshop with mixed feelings but soon I felt homely due to the cordial atmosphere and feeling of belongingness emanated by the resource persons and the organizers. So the first thing I realized was that there was no big or small in the world of business as long as you behave professional. I must confess I acquired unprecedented knowledge in the context of business operation and practical knowledge of entrepreneurship. Making the good use of the knowledge acquired, I opened up an Internet Café. In addition I started a savings account to save Rs. 2000/- every month for future investment as inspired by the workshop proceedings. In order to increase sales I invested 90% of the daily turnover of the business to diversify the varieties of goods sold. So our daily turnover was increased to Rs. 5000/-.

Then we were offered a bank loan and with that loan opened up a branch in Mandawala and with this investment daily turnover was increased to Rs. 8000/-. By now we became recognized in our dealings with Dialog and were entrusted with the responsibility of being a Dialog Payment Centre, which paved the way for increased customer base.

Then in 2012 February I joined the "Dialog 5 Star partner" workshop and realized the finer points of organizing the limited space available in the communication centre to cater to a larger number of customers and provided a new face lift to the show room by adding new show cases. Both these changes paid rich dividends in terms of daily turnover. With the participation in the subsequent training programs I was able to understand the vision and the mission of the business centre which was prominently displayed at the entrance of the Communication centre. As a responsible member of the society obituary notices were printed at cost without any profit margin and displayed the business name at the bottom of the notice. In addition so many other social service activities were launched.


Students are the major component of our customer base and we were able to provide them with exercise books at 22% discounted rate provided with the sponsorship of a leading manufacturer and also offered them a complimentary Ball point pen with our company name engraved on it. I must confess I was continuously energized and motivated by the workshops held by Dialog and with over brimming enthusiasm I purchased a Duplo Machine which increased our daily sales turn over to Rs. 15,0000/- and monthly dialog Reload sales to Rs. 33,000/-.

Then Dialog recognized us as one of their 5 Star Partners and displayed the recognition at the entrance of our Communication Centre which made us even more popular among the customers. And also we displayed a board of value added services on a daily basis turn. Also we provided "EZ Cash" services and customers turned up for payment of electricity and water bills. We have already made necessary arrangements to open up separate section for Instant Photography. Required machines are already bought.

We are proud to put on record that we are determined to shift our business to our own place by year 2020 putting up a new building with necessary facilities fortified with new technologies so that we would be able to serve the customers with satisfied service at an affordable price!


         - Shared by, K.A.K.Madhawa, Owner of MR Communication Center, Bookshop and Computer School



© Dialog Axiata PLC - Sri Lanka

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