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Small Business Marketing is nothing but applying marketing strategies to benefit small businesses. Given the highly competitive market, small businesses have to be on their toes in order to keep their sales up.

Through marketing, SMEs can determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and devise strategies to employ in sales, communications and business development. They can to add value to their processes and products, giving them an added advantage and bring them at the forefront. SMEs, due to their small size, have to constantly innovate and use their creative powers to stay relevant in their area of business. In that regard, small business marketing generates the strategies behind sales techniques, business communication, e-commerce, e-mail, advertising, building customer service, direct mail, web marketing, finding sales leads, market research & planning, public relations, sales management, trade shows etc.

Sub Categories

  • E-Commerce - A quick look at words you may come across when dealing with e-commerce. Experts often hide behind incomprehensible words to make even simple issues appear complex and difficult - something you cannot do without them.



  • Advertising - Different types of ads require different copy guidelines. A newspaper, magazine, radio or TV station may offer to create your ads for you.


  • Customer Service - You can use customer service as a powerful way to set yourself apart from your competition. Its one of the strengths a small business has, and by emphasizing customer service, you can compete with larger companies who may offer more variety, lower prices, and other perks you can't afford. But many small businesses fall short in the customer service category. Why? Ignorance is one reason. There simply are not a lot of examples of good customer service on which to model your company.


  • Direct Mail - While the telephone is still the primary tool for reaching your prospective customers, there are many times when you will have to write a sales letter. A strong sales letter can reinforce your sales message, significantly enhance the image of your company in the mind of your prospect, and get your foot in the door.


  • Email & Web Marketing - Web marketing tools includes social community websites, website syndication tools, gadgets, and RSS feeds that are easy to use and are often free. They will generate new leads and drive traffic to your website.


  • Finding Sales Leads -  The 80/20 rule - that 80 percent of your sales come from the top 20 percent of your customers - applies to most small businesses.


  • Market Research & Planning - Strong market research can provide you with a range of information about your customers, your industry, and your competitors. Your marketing plan should be a clear, concise, and well thought out document that guides you through your marketing program.


  • Public Relations - To conduct a successful public relations campaign, it helps to be familiar with some of the basic PR tools.


  • Sales Management - When you deliver an in-person sales presentation, you have a unique opportunity to appeal to your prospect on a number of levels at once.


  • Trade Shows - According to the Center for Exhibit Industry Research, the majority of trade show attendees are decision makers or influencers that plan to make a purchase within the next 12 months.


  • Marketing Clinic - Periodic check up is ideal for healthy and growing business to keep in check ROI (return on investment), sales graph (like ECG for human beings), environment hazards (competition, new entrants, change in technology) and guide (offer remedy) on futuristic planning and strategy to remain healthy over a long time.


  • Online calculators

Pay-Per-Click Advertising ROI Calculator 

Website Conversion Rate Calculator 

Email Marketing ROI Calculator 

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