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Belarus - Selling and buying

Contents extracted from the comprehensive atlas of international trade by Export Entreprises

Reaching the consumers

Marketing opportunities

Consumer behavior: A majority of the households ensures his subsistence by its own means. The intervention of the State in the process of market creates shortages and a rationing of the food in certain areas. We often see panic purchases of food products. For the immense mass of the inhabitants, life is hard, as the country knows a strong inflation which corrodes the purchasing power.
Consumer profile: The wages are very different between the capital and the country. In addition, there is the emergence of an extremely rich middle-class, beside a population which lives poorly without intermediate class. The average wages all confused areas are of 100€ per month and 200€ for the capital.
Main advertising agencies:

Distribution network

Evolution of the sector: The major part of the distribution and sale is effected even today through the State. This is all the same a big reform because not only domestic products (basic products which are sometimes in shortage some days such as bread, butter, milk products etc) but also foreign products can be found in food stores. The foreign products distributed are food products and miscellaneous products which are relatively more elaborated than the local products. These products only appeared on the market 2 years ago in Minsk. They are positioned top of the range and are indeed sold at high prices. Besides, they are advertised for sale in USD, but the products are bought in Belarusian roubles .
Types of outlet: No supermarket

Market access procedures

Economic Cooperation: Belarus is member of:
- Eurasian Economic Community
- Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) 
Belarus also signed in 2009 a Free Trade Agreement with Serbia.
Non tariff barriers: Because of the dictatorial character of the government, the access to the market is very difficult and the administration is one of the most important barriers
Average Customs Duty (excluding agricultural products): Between 0 and 10% ad valorem. 100% on alcohol.
Goods originating from countries, to where the Republic of Belarus does not apply the most favored nation treatment in trade and political relations, or goods with unidentified country of origin, imported to the customs area of the Republic of Belarus, are assessed with the import customs duties under the “base” rates multiplied by 2.
Belarus provides tariff preferences to developing and least developed countries in form of reduction of the customs duties rates by 25 and 100 percent accordingly concerning the final inventory established by the President of the Republic of Belarus.
Customs classification:
Tariff regulation issues are specified by the Law of Republic of Belarus “Customs Tariff” of February 3rd, 1993.
According to Article 2 of the Law, the Custom duties of the Republic of Belarus correspond to a code of rates of the customs duties (custom duties) applied to goods moved through the customs border of the Republic of Belarus, which are the condition of such moving. It is also fixed that Belarus’ custom duties are integrated according to the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Trade Activities of the Republic of Belarus, which is generated proceeding from the systems of classification of goods accepted in the international practice.
For further information, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus.
Import procedures: Customs procedures in Belarus coincide with principles of International Convention on customs simplification and harmonization. To consult the list of required documents please visit the website of the Belarus Embassy in the US.
Customs website: Customs office of Belarus

Organizing goods transport

Organizing goods transport to and from: Roads and airports are bad maintained in Belarus. Train is the best mean of transport for goods.

Domestic business directories

Business directories:
Trade Agencies and their representations abroad:
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