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Budgeting: Discover Your Money Attitudes

Provided by the International Finance Corporation


This quiz is set up to help you discover your attitude towards money. The directions are simple. Place a X in the white space next to the letter that best matches your opinion. Answer all 13 questions without skipping any.

After completing this activity, your primary category will automatically be totaled for you. The category that you end up in reflects your tendencies towards money. None of these categories are either less or more desirable than another. The important discovery is being aware that your particular money attitude will influence your money decisions. Keep in mind that any of these categories when taken to the extreme can create financial challenges.

A description of the characteristics that accompany each category is listed at the end of the quiz.

File Description: The file is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template. If the security warning "macros have been disabled" appears, you need to select "enable this content" and then click OK.

Special Features:

  • Download this quiz template just once, save it, and be able to use it over and over again.
  • The quiz template contains the formula for calculating your top money attitude.
  • The quiz is easy to use. Just answer each question and it will automatically total your score and reveal the category that most closely describes you.

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